Luis' Face

Olá! I'm Luis

I am a portuguese software developer living in Sydney 🇦🇺. I have been building native Android and iOS apps since 2013 and loving it!

I have vast experience bringing greenfield mobile projects to life, working in product teams, and solving problems for companies in the mobile space. You can check my CV here. If you want to work with me, please reach out!

I also write software using other stacks and languages. One example is this website, made using Gatsby and Tailwind. It uses the lovely JetBrains Mono font for code snippets. If you see any issues, please open a pull request since this website is open source!

My latest language focus are Kotlin and Swift, with some Javascript on the side. I believe that Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile, along with SwiftUI and Jetpack Compose, will change the way we build apps for all platforms! Get in touch if you want to talk to me about it ;)

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