Curriculum Vitae

Work Experience

Sydney · November 2019 - ★ Present

Independent contractor and freelancer, focusing on projects in the native mobile space.


Streamotion - Senior Mobile Software Developer

Sydney · December 2020 - ★ Present

Streamotion is a digital B2C streaming and technology business, makers of entertainment streaming service Binge, and multi-sport streaming service Kayo Sports.

I joined the team to build a new yet-to-be-announced app. My responsibilities lie in upgrading the existing architecture to reuse more code across the apps, and also fostering a culture that enables the team to be more involved and productive while working on the code.

Phoenix DX

Phoenix DX - Consultant Mobile Software Developer

Sydney · March 2020 - December 2020

Phoenix DX is a digital transformation company leveraging the OutSystems platform. I worked as a mobile software consultant, helping them with native support for their Cordova plugins.

Colonial First State

Colonial First State - Specialist Software Developer

Sydney · March 2019 - October 2020

Colonial First State was a child company of Commonwealth Bank. It was recently sold to KKR.

I joined Colonial First State to build the Android app that would bring superannuation to the hands of CFS customers. I was the solo android dev on the team, responsible for:

  • Design the architecture of the app to match the business' expectations
  • Advising the Product Owner on the capabilities of the platform
  • Setup the teams CI pipeline into the company'sTeamCity platform.
  • Analyze post launch app analytics and monitoring crashes using App Center
  • Interfacing with offshore team to handle customers' feedback and prioritise issues
  • Advise wider team architects on how to best support the mobile platform
Future Friendly

Future Friendly - Senior Software Developer

Sydney · May 2016 - November 2018

Previously Mentally Friendly.

As the company's mobile dev, I was tasked with architecting, implementing and maintaining apps for our clients. I would often co-design and build proof of concepts web frontends and native apps to show case our ideas to clients.

Russell Investments(iOS):

  • Shipped bi-weekly updates to the App Store
  • Refactor the application away from a single Storyboard, to reduce merge conflicts
  • Implement in memory local storage using Core Data
  • Setup automated testing and local deployment using fastlane
  • Interface with client to manage app maintenance and future roadmap

A.H. Beard - Sleepsense (iOS & Android):

  • Shipped an iOS and an Android app that controlled a smart bed with three BT devices (bed frame, mattress, sleep tracker) using RxSwift and RxBluetooth
  • Built an onboarding flow that would detect user's breathing rythim to pair them with their smart bed
  • Lead a team of two devs through know problems and pitfalls for the Android build.

Triple J (iOS & Android):

  • Built proof of concept app to showcase feature feasibility
  • Worked integrated with ABC mobile team to bootstrap the initial prototype for an internal release
  • Integrated ExoPlayer to stream audio sourced from custom Rest APIs

My skills in web development were also put to use. I worked on several internal prototypes and websites that used React and Vue.js. I also worked on migrating legacy web projects to Docker so we could reduce our maintenance burden.

Mullen Lowe Profero

Mullen Lowe Profero - Mobile Software Developer

Sydney · September 2015 - April 2016

Joined Profero to be part of the mobile team responsible for the Eastlands Shopping Center app. I was involved in both iOS and Android builds, sadly the Android build never saw the playstore.

  • Integrated Meridian iOS sdk for indoor navigation in the shopping center, that made use of bluetooth low energy beacons
  • Setup the local deployment of the iOS app using fastlane
  • Setup certificate management for the team using fastlane match
  • Integrated Jenkins CI with our repository to run our tests against several simulators
Gleam SA

Gleam SA - Mobile Software Developer

Lisbon, Portugal · August 2014 - July 2015

Gleam was in business from July 2013 until August 2016, when it was adquired by Farfetch.

Gleam was a mobile fashion app that brought a feed of curated fashion items to your fingertips. I joined the team looking to augment my product experience and was tasked with building version 2.0 of the app:

  • Architectured the app to better handle the existing load, support the new redesign, and allow for faster iteration
  • Workshop with the team new features and revenue streams
  • Advise the CEO on the capabilities of the mobile platform
Bliss Applications

Bliss Applications - Mobile Software Developer

Lisbon, Portugal · August 2012 - August 2014

I joined Bliss Applications while I was still finishing university. I was involved in various projects, focusing on bringing the best mobile experiences to the market and learning from my peers. In the end I built so many apps that I only remember a few and have no track record of them.
  • Applied my uni knowledge into developing an iOS skill set, later adding Android to my toolbelt
  • Self managed the projects I was responsible for, communicating frequently with other team members and management