Oh My Zsh prompt theme for Windows Powershell!

04 May, 2019

I do most of my programming in my mac these days, but once in a while my gaming desktop becomes the testground for some code bashing. Since I use git on the terminal, on windows I use powershell instead of a sweet zsh shell.

Working with powershell is not that bad, but I terribly miss not having the git branches on my prompt. Since I really enjoy the Oh My Zsh theme on my Mac, here’s a snippet that changes your power shell prompt!

function prompt {
\$ESC = [char]27

$p = Split-Path -leaf -path (Get-Location)
  $branch = $(git symbolic-ref -q HEAD) -replace "refs/heads/"
  if ($branch) {
$branch = "$ESC[34mgit:($ESC[0m$ESC[31m$branch$ESC[0m$ESC[34m)$ESC[0m "

"$ESC[1m$ESC[32m$([char]0x279C)$ESC[0m $ESC[36m$p$ESC[0m $branch\$ESC[0m"

This code lands in the $profile file, which probably needs to be created:

new-item -itemtype file -path $profile -force
notepad $PROFILE

Notepad should open up and you can copy paste the snipped there!

Thank you for reading

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