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Contour Layout: say goodbye to your XML layouts

01 October, 2020

I came across Contour, an android UI library written entirely in Kotlin and that allows you to write your UI code also in Kotlin! As I read through the README file, and looked at the sample app I instantly fell in love. The kind of love that just makes you rewrite your entire app to adopt this new library. Which is exactly what I did!

So I'm proud to announce that my RSS aggregator app Ler has been re-written to completely drop XML layouts in favor of using ContourLayout views! Also, while I was at it, I went ahead and removed all fragments as well.

  • Removed fragments in favor of screens

    • Copied implementation of Leak Canary nav
    • Life is easy in non fragment world
  • Remove xml layout views in favor of contourlayout

    • Brings me back to Obj-C, pre-autolayout days, where every iPhone was 320x480, and that's all the device sizes you knew
    • From AS 4.2 forward, custom views have preview support, which makes developing with Countour a breeze!
    • Use isInEditMode to help out those previews
    • Writing alignment code never felt better. No complex UIs in this app, but I can see the potential in it. Layout is just Kotlin lambdas!

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